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We all know what a diverse climate Toronto boasts of and who doesn’t want to stay comfortable when in their homes, no matter what the temperature is outside!

The hero of your home is in fact your air conditioner.  Imagine a house full of guests, there’s laughter, food, and a failing air conditioning system. Isn’t a pretty picture right?  

This is exactly where regular maintenance and making sure you give air conditioning repair the necessary attention when needed is what helps you, your family, and your home, stay comfy all year round.

You can have any type of air conditioning in your home right from ductless air conditioners to central air conditioners – we are your humble air conditioning repair experts in Toronto and the GTA.

Let’s first briefly understand how heating and Air Conditioning are actually interconnected and how your AC systems work:

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of an AC is cold air. But did you know the science behind it is actually the transference of heat? There are 2 major components in an air conditioning unit – indoor and outdoor.

  • Indoor – This unit contains an evaporator (a coil box.) Now the coil piping in this evaporator contains a refrigerant (example Freon.) It is this fluid that absorbs the heat in your home, once all of it is absorbed, only cool air remains that is then circulated in your home.
  • Outdoor: This unit is almost always found on the side of your home. It’s main function is to disperse the heat pulled from your home. It’s components are a fan, a condenser coil and a compressor. The heat carried by the refrigerant is now pumped outdoors via this unit. It first goes through the compressor and then to the outdoor coil.


We provide quick response times for all cooling equipment problems. Brands We Install & Replace:

Protect Your Investment

Now, when will you know you have to call in AC repair experts?

  • Air begins to feel moist
  • Smells dusty and moldy

While we will be there for all your air conditioning service needs in Toronto and the GTA, here are a few things you should try out as first steps before making the call:

  • Check your Filter – a dirty one could inhibit the flow of cool air
  • Turn your thermostat to ‘cool’ and lower the temp by about 4 degrees below room temp.
  • Reset any circuit breakers if you happen to see any that has tripped
  • Ensure nothing is blocking your outdoor unit

If you still have a problem with your air conditioner, we at Airtonic will be happy to come by and help you diagnose and quickly repair any issues.

Our Air conditioning repair crew handles several different air conditioner problems. Here are a few common ones we’ve come across:

  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Inadequate Maintenance
  • Electric Control Failure
  • Contactors and capacitors
  • Drainage Problems

We not only ensure maintenance is effectively done but also offer consultation if you have to replace your system and help with installation too. All of this comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee too!

Make sure to add AC repair when needed and regular maintenance to the list of other appliances and items you own and take care of.

It’s the air you breathe and you want it to be the best!